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Tickets remain locked when you cancel editing a ticket

  • We discovered this bug 5 months ago, around April of 2017 yet it remains un-resolved.  This is wasting a lot of time in our organization.  Has anyone in the community discovered an alternative fix for this?

    Request #178596 SD Tickets remain locked after cancelling changes

  • We are aware of this and have engineers currently working on this problem.  We how to have a solution shortly.

  • Same issue encountered,

    Request #203220 Service Desk Locked Tickets

    As an alternative solution, we manually "Re-open" the ticket thru Action button. But this is so much time consuming since you can only unlock 1 ticket at a time.

  • Hi Ryan, If you want to unlock multiple tickets at a time:

    go to Service Desk > Operations > Tickets

    then select tickets you want to unlock

    then Ticket (top menu under Service Desk select)  > Unlock



  • Thanks Charles for the info.

  • Nothing new about this? Latest patch but it is still not fixed...

  • Still nothing? Why is this so hard to fix?