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Auto-create a ticket in appropriate service desk based on email's summary.

  • Hi all,

     I wonder if you can help me. I'd like to setup a procedure that would auto create a ticket in an appropriate service desk based on a summary.

    I currently have three service desks -> Incident -> Problem -> Change.

    I would like the following prefixes to be used in the subject of an email: IN, PR, CH.

    So basically, if someone sent an email to IT helpdesk, with the subject containing IN e.g. "IN Problem with printer xx", I would like the system to create a ticket in the Incident service desk.

    The same rule would apply for CH and PR.

    Please advise.

  • You can use a Mapping Procedure and test if the Summary Contains any of your 3 prefixes , then assign the appropriate desk based on the result.

  •  I am new to the KSD and still learning, thanks for pointing me toward the Mapping Procedure.

    I have setup the Incident SD as the default one and assigned the mapping procedure to it.

    Please find it below, sadly it doesn't seem to work. Can you please advice what is wrong with it?

  • Make sure you have also configured SD to use your Mapping procedure here.

  • I had done it.

    I've even tried it with only the two top lines, yet the ticket hasn't gone into Change SD, it always goes into Incident SD, regardless what the summary is.

    It only worked when I left the second line alone, but it's not what I want.

    Any suggestions.