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Stage entry Procedure

  • Hello. I'm looking for a way to have any tickets created from a specific machine group to go straight to the tier2 support pool. Would this be done through some kind of stage entry procedure? If so, can anyone give me some assistance with the creating procedure to do this? Thanks

  • Yes .. you'd create a procedure .. associate the Procedure with the stage you want the procedure to run in by going into Desk Definition / Processing / Stage and setting the "Init Procedure for the stage to the procedure you created

    In the actual procedure just add a couple steps

    If  TestIncidentPropery "Full Machine Name contains "xxxx"    (where xxxx would be the Group or Org Name)

        AssignTicketProperty "Stage" "Tier2"

    Hope that helps


  • Thanks for the help Paul. We’re using the CS template for our desk definition. Within the desk def—processing—stage area I have 5 stages by default. When you say associate the procedure with the stage you want it to run in how might I do that? If it’s a new ticket coming from the server machine group? Seems I can have only one begin stage so if I change the init procedure then what will happen to all the tickets created by the work stations?

  • Each "stage" has an ID associated with it. To progress a ticket from stage to stage, you use "assignTicketProperty("Stage", "Stage ID") function in each of the various stage procedures.

    For example, you might have Intake, Assign, Remediate, In Progress, Complete, and Close stages. The alert arrives and is assigned to the Intake stage by default settings. Info is gathered, placed into custom fields, and the alert may be evaluated and canceled at this stage. If the alert is approved, the Intake procedure assigns the Assign stage. This does some additional processing and possibly determines if remediation is possible. If so, it moves to the Remediate stage, otherwise it goes to the In Progress stage for manual remediation. The Remediate stage would try to resolve the problem through automation and likely rely on a Goal procedure to verify that it worked after a period of time and that would move to the Complete stage. If SD is also your ticketing system, the In Progress stage is where the ticket waits for manual completion and assignment to the Complete stage. A goal procedure here could alter the ticket priority after a set number of hours if it is still in the In Progress stage. A more complex system might even use an "Awaiting Assignment" stage.

    We use an external ticketing system so skip In Progress and move directly to the Complete stage to decide what kind of ticket to send (new or closed), if any, and if any additional alerting is needed (after hours call or page?). The Complete stage moves to the Close stage, which closes the Kaseya ticket and performs any related cleanup tasks (did you use a database record or other external process to track remediations or multiple events that need to now be removed?)

    In SD, each stage represents a collection of procedures that perform tasks related to remediation of the alert or progressing the state of the ticket. Each stage can have an Entry and an Exit procedure, as well as Goal procedures that run after an elapsed time. These can check for remediation task completion or simply escalate the ticket after a period of time without closure. The Stage and Goal procedures can call sub-procedures to simplify logic and share common tasks. All of the stage changing is done with the assignTicketProperty function as noted above.