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Kaseya Service Desk and AutoTask Integration

  • Hi all,

    Looking to talk to someone who is using KSD and Autotask. We are looking at taking on Autotask but would like to talk with someone who has been using it for a while and see exactly what is possible. The Autotask sales guys are great, but I have issues trusting sales guys :)


  • Ross,

    We use Autotask integration and I am more than willing to tell you my experience with it.

    My email is jon.byrne@stringfellow.com.

    Best Regards,


  • We use AutoTask but not KSD so only configuration items are going to AT from our Kaseya.

    MSP Assist is offering us their kaseya plugin modules, mspassist.com/.../plugin-module

    Is anybody from here using them? Their monitoring module looks pretty nifty and I guess their Kaseya to Service Desk Integration module would be good too if you are using Connectwise or Autotask.

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