I'm using the service desk web service api (/vsaWS/vsaServiceDeskWS.asmx) to view, add & update tickets, although I'm finding the documentation pretty poor in all honesty.  I'm struggling with including attachments when a user updates a ticket.

The proxy objects that are created when referencing the service (in Visual Studio) provide the ability to add to attachments to the Incident class (which I've retrieved via GetIncident).  After setting the relevant properties of the Attachment class, assigning it to the Incident.  then calling the UpdateIncident

I can browse to the ManagedFiles directory on the web server and actually find the file I've just attached. However, calling the GetIncident method again with the IncludeAttachments property set does not return a list of attachments (it's always null). Question #1 - Why ?

Also, when viewing the update ticket in Service Desk the is absolutely no reference to any attachments anywhere.. no fields, no notes, no related items. Question #2 Where are these things supposed to exists or be viewed ?

It appears they just end up in a big black hole. Sample code below...

KaseyaWStestClient.ServiceDeskWS.Note n = new ServiceDeskWS.Note()  {      Timestamp = DateTime.Now,      Text = "A new note was added at " + DateTime.Now.ToString(),  };  Attachment att = new Attachment()  {      Content = GetBytesFromFile(@"E:\kaseya-attachment-test.txt"),      DisplayName = "A file attachment for " + txtTicket.Text,      FileName = String.Format("{0}-{1}.txt", txtTicket.Text, DateTime.Now.ToString("ddMMyyyyHHmmss")),      Name = Guid.NewGuid().ToString(),      DocumentType = "text/plain"  };  _currentIncident.Attachments = new Attachment[] { att };  _currentIncident.Notes = new KaseyaWStestClient.ServiceDeskWS.Note[] { n };    UpdateIncidentRequest r = new UpdateIncidentRequest()  {      UpdateSDIncident = _currentIncident,      SessionID = Convert.ToDecimal(txtSessionID.Text)  };  UpdateIncidentResponse rsp = SDWS.UpdateIncident(r);

Any help appreciated.