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Automatic Staff Creation with Portal access

  • I understand how to get the AD imported with the discovery module, but how do i make each new user added to AD, to have it automatically create a STAFF member on kaseya AND give them portal access?

    Also in the "users and computers portal access" section - the users have a column labeled "Automatic Portal Candidate" which all users currently have a circle with a line thru it indicating they are not an "automatic portal candidate". How can i get the user to be automatically a candidate? What does this feature do? 

    even the users that do have portal access (that we did manually), the "Portal Logon" column is the same as "Automatic Portal candidate". Whats the deal?

  •  You are able to accomplish this if you have the Directory Services Feature Set (help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp).  It's an additional funtionality that you are allowed access to to accomplish the Automatic Portal Candidate.

  • so its an extra cost/add on...