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How to identify the "Note" added is from the technician or from the end user

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In the SD 1.3 version, there is a identification using "A public note added". Now it doesn't look like it exist.  How the other members are using it. If somebody can post the scripts created for SD 1.4 to identify properly whether the note is added by technician or by end user. Based on this i want to send a email notification to the pool or to the end user.

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  • Hi Jay,

    check Massage Templates Option ...

  • Hi Gopi,

    I was able to figure out by checking the editing username, if it is anonymous then the note is added by the end user else it is by technician. I will test it internally and will post the results very soon...

  • ok send ur email id.

  • use TestIncidentProperty "Editing username" Equals "System"

                     testincidentproperty "Changes as HTML" contains "Reply From"

    You can play around with this to get only VSA user updates etc