...and not having much luck with it.

Our primary goal is to setup escalations. From what I've read, this should be fairly simple to do. My understanding is I have to create a procedure(s) under Procedures Definition > Escalation. Then set the escalation procedure in the Desk Definition settings. My problem is, there is no option to add a new procedure under any of the Procedures Definition section. I can see the Shared directory and then 2 folders for each desk template we have. I've tried several administrator accounts and they all see the same thing.

So my next guess was, maybe because we only had the Basic Customer Service Desk installed that was why we couldn't create new procedures? I went to go install a new desk template, but I don't have the option to. Reading the help documentation, it says I should just be able to click install next to the template I want, but there is no install button or anything.

What am I missing here?