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Procedures - Tickets Changed via API

  • We're using Autotask and would like for this to be the primary service desk. There is obviously benefit for also using the Kaseya service desk though - users can easily see tickets, procedures, etc. Either way, Autotask does a webservice call when the ticket is closed and I need to update the Kaseya procedure to handle this call. 

    Autotask appears to be posting everything correctly, but the issue is the Kaseya Ticket Change procedure. In the first line of this, I call testIncidentProperty("Status") to see if this is a closing call from Autotask. The problem is that this call returns the current status - not the value passed in from the API.

    Best case, if someone else is using the Autotask round trip ticket closure, would you mind sharing your ticket change procedure? Aside from that, do you know how I can pull posted values from the API in the service desk procedures and not the "current" value of the ticket?

    Thank you,


  • What are you using for making the API calls . Is it an app you have developed ?

    We use both the KPSA Module and/or simple Email round tripping . depending on the clients needs.

    So interested in how you are doing it



  • Paul - we're using the Autotask integration so that is calling th API - not an app we developed. I've seen reference to KPSA, but like most things around here, it's not always easy to figure out so do you mind giving me a 30 second overview? I don't see that as a menu item; is that an add-on module for on-premise only? We're on SaaS.

    For the email round tripping, do you mean simply that you altered the change procedure to look for certain strings in an email?

    I really appreciate your time, Paul. As you may imagine, we're rather new to Kaseya. Actually, not really new, but just getting to the point where automation is really key right now. Regardless, thanks for your insight and any suggestions you have - truly grateful!


  • Hi Ryan

    The KPSA module is an Add-on module . It does integration of both Connectwise and Autotask and has an additional annual license cost.

    Full details are here www.devioinc.com/kpsa-atintroduction

    So it doesn’t pretty much everything you need from setting up configuration items ( machines ) in Autotask thru to keeping tickets statuses and mappings etc. in sync.

    But if you'd prefer something for free then just using emails works as both Autotask and Kaseya have the ability to create, update and close tickets based on incoming emails.

    So we just setup some workflow rules , email parsing rules and ticket change procedures to handle all of this.

    I posted a thread a few years back on this so I'll see if I can locate and update you on it.

    I think the only disadvantage with using email is the time it takes for messages to be sent/received and processed , plus your relying on another "link" being an email server that could go offline etc.



  • Take a look at this old post