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Escalation & Ticket Change Procedure Question

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So basically, i want to set an escalation procedure, for when a ticket is submitted, 48 hours later, to change ticket to "Escalated" stage, for the engineers for check on why the ticket has be neglected. The techs can choose the "Escalated" stage/status when they are requesting Engineers help as well, which send a email to Engineers pool requesting help.

I want kaseya to be able to detect who initiated the escalation, and to send  the correct message to the engineers explaining the situation. If techs change to escalated, send a request for help message - if the escalated procedure changed the stage, then i want the "Tech neglected" message to send.

As always, i am always open to suggestions if this is not the best solution.

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  • I would imagine in the Change Procedure you would do the testing for who updated the ticket, and if the system updated the ticket then you would send nothing (the send would happen in the escalation procedure for the 48 hours later scenario) and if someone made the chafe in the stage/status then send the request help email ...

    Then in the escalation procedure after 48 hours in the NEW stage/status then escalate to ESCALATED stage/status and send email for NEGLECT ...