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Email notification when notes added

  • I know I'm probably missing something very simple here, but I'm unable to find my answer online. I'm trying to make our service desk send email notifications to users when a note is added to a ticket. I see that this function is part of Ticketing, but I can't find it in the service desk module. Do I need to create a procedure to do this? 

    Please send me in the right direction! Thanks!

  • In Service Desk | Procedures Definition | Ticket Change, we have a procedure, "AT Incident is Changed" that we use to test a whole bunch of various ticket properties (Status, Resolution), and a couple of custom fields to see what kind of changes have been made to the incident, then check "Changes as Html" and a notification custom field (Everything, Standard, Nothing) to see what the customer wants to be notified about, and then Assignee, Submitter, Staff, Organization Email, and use the sendEmail function with message template(s) (i.e. "AT Customer Ticket Update Notification") to send appropriate ticket update notifications.

  • That worked perfectly. I knew it was probably an addition to that procedure, but I didn't want to risk making any changes. Thanks a lot!