I have created a VB.NET console app to access the web services.  I have base the code on the C# example provided which I have managed to get working, however my VB.NET example does not work.  I think the issue lies with the following code:

In C# the declaration of the KaseyaWS web service object looks like this (KaseyaWStestClient is the project name)...

KaseyaWStestClient.KaseyaWS.KaseyaWS  KWS;

KWS = new KaseyaWStestClient.KaseyaWS.KaseyaWS();

if I hover over the last KaseyaWS onthe first line, it says its System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol

In VB.NET, it looks like this (vbKaseyaWS is the project name)...

Private KWS As vbKaseyaWS.KaseyaWS.KaseyaWSSoapClient = New vbKaseyaWS.KaseyaWS.KaseyaWSSoapClient

if I hover over KasetaWSSoapClient it says its a class

So the two references appear to be different (and the most likely reason for the invalid useid and password) however I dont know enough about both languages to know if they are actually different and what the VB equivalent should be.

I would be happy to post the whole vb project if anyone is able to assist.


Greg Johncock