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Automate Staff Creation

  • I've been setting up the service desk at my company, and the tickets attach to users correctly. I've been looking for a script or way to either automatically create staff members based on their name and domain, or to import a list of users from an external file. 

    Manually creating hundreds of staff members does not seem like a good time, and I don't want to create staff unless they submit tickets. If anybody knows any easier ways of doing this, please help me out. 

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! 

  • You can use the KDiscovery Module (even the free portions) to download all the Active Directory information to create staff members ... with the free version you only get the one way import, with the paid version I believe they give you two way sync so you can then use that to also add userids/passwords, etc to the AD directly and vice versa to keep current info in Kaseya up to date as well ...

  • That's perfect! Thank you for your help.