Dear Colleagues,

Was creating rules in my mapper emails in Kaseya service desk and I am with the following situation!

I have a system that alerts me about errors in equipment of my contract customers, every email comes with a code that represents a branch in a city.

Kaseya use in each branch with a separate company! But when I set the mapper me this error appears:

From the submitter email address, I found an Org 'grupojmalucelli' that differs from the current Incident org 'RS BANCO FLORIANOPOLIS'. I did not change it.

Found 'grupojmalucelli' (Monitor Alerta//grupojmalucelli) which is different from RS BANCO FLORIANOPOLIS, so I did not set the OrganizationStaff member.

Staff associations found for '' are listed below, the 1st highlighted row was used
Monitor Alerta grupors 1-OrgStaff
Monitor Alerta rs  BANCO 1-OrgStaff
Monitor Alerta rs BANCO FLORIANOPOLIS 1-OrgStaff