Prior to the upgrade to Kaseya ver6.3 and Service Desk 1.4 any emails that were sent from the Service Desk did not include the display name with them just the email address.  This was great if you wanted things to appear as though they came from different senders.

Now with the upgrade in place emails sent from Service Desk now include the Display name with the email address so all emails look as though they are coming from the same address or source since all you see is the display name.  Yes the from address is whatever you set it to be with a procedure but the display name will be whatever is set for that service desk and cannot be overridden.

It would have been nice to have known about this change prior to the upgrade and it would also be nice to be able to disable this feature(for the lack of a better term).  Does this present a problem for anyone else or are we just the oddballs out there?

Has anyone else even noticed this issue and or raised this issue with Kaseya support?

Thanks for the feedback to whoever replies.