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Escalation Procedure doesn't work

  • I'm having problem with my escalation rules. Th escalation time is based on  the Priority. (Low= 8 hours, High = 30 min, Medium = 4 hours) But it seems like my escalation procedure is wrong coz i don't receive  any mail even after the escalation time is reached. Can somebody please check my script? What seems to be the problem? Please see the screenshot below. Thank You.

    [edited by: Caye Dizon at 1:38 AM (GMT -7) on Apr 2, 2013] Escalation Procedure doesn't work

    Each time this script is ran your Escalation times are being reset to the times highlighted. This should be a run only once to set the escalation time. Also this should be a separate procedure from the one calling your IF statements to send out the email.


  • What do you mean with the run only once? Is that found in the  Service Desk > Desk Definition > Processing > Stage > New / Edit > Procedures tab? And Also, What part of the script should be separated and in what kind of procedure shall I put it? I just imitated the script from the Online help File but it still don't work. Thank You.

  • Here is how I like to set it up. We have 4 pools that handle different responsibilities. The type of tickets assigned to each pool is based on the tickets category. When a ticket is created the system sends out an email notification to one these pools. In the email I inform all recipients what the Escalation Level is and the Priority.

    I use a message template:


    And the recipients are listed in a procedure variable:


    When the ticket enters the “main” working stage I run a Stage Entry procedure. (This runs only one time)

    This is where I set the escalation times: {If you want you could send out an email here but I prefer to do it by job function}


    If the ticket meets the escalation time I have another email that gets sent out during the Escalation Procedure.

    This moves the ticket to tier 2 support. (On my setup the Escalation Procedure also moves the ticket into a new stage).






  • Didn’t answer where this is, yes the Stage Setup  is at: Service Desk > Desk Definition > Processing > Stage > New / Edit > Procedures tab

  • Thank you Shawn. Your Data truly helps. I still have questions though, and this time it's regarding the goal time and Procedure. Just like my escalation rules, my goal times are based on the priority. But I don't want it to be in per stage, I prefer the goal time to run in ticket until it is closed. Well, the goal time works, it's running based on the priority. However, there's no email that is sent out when the goal time is reached. My script is simple as it is just to send an email. see the photo below

    adn I put it in  Service Desk > Desk Definition > New / Edit > Procedures tab.

    My Question is, Since I already set the Goal time in my script and it is based on the priority, What shall I put in those highlighted fields? It's said in the Online help file that Goal time set in the desk definition shall be override by the time set in the "SetTicketGoalTime" Command.

  • I modified the procedure that sets the Escalation to include setting the Goal. Just make sure to use the “setTicketGoalTime” statement.


    What is show in Desk Definition wouldn’t matter since the procedure will overwrite it anyway. So you could fill in the fields below or just leave them blank. You will need a Goal Procedure defined (which you do).



    If you are still not receiving emails try changing the Send Email property to read True: