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alarms -> DEDUPE & AUTO-close tickets

  • We are using the customer_sd_automation template desk as a starting point.

    so, we setup an alarm so that if a server goes offline this creates a ticket. This works.

    The alarm re-arms after 30 minutes, so this means if a server is down for say 3 hours we end up with 5 or 6 tickets -> we want the alarm to do this as it creates a new email to the engineers every 30 minutes nagging them to investigate/fix the issue; however we want to de-dupe the service desk tickets (There only needs to be one ticket per server outage, regardless of time period). I've tried everything I can think of/comprehend from the help, without success. Our current dedupe procedure is if isduplicaterequest(false, false, true, true, false, false, true, true, 60, 'minutes', false) but it doesn't seem to do anything.

    Next, we want to close the ticket when the server goes back online. There is an alarm that makes yet another ticket for the back-online status. I can't work out how to even begin to turn this alarm into a find-and-close-the corresponding open ticket???

    Service desk looks really powerful, but setting it up is just utterly incomprehensible at the moment. Its also seemingly impossible to test anything you try to set up, without waiting for e.g. in this case an actual server failure. I can see a lot of potential in Service Desk, but for now it's just too hard.

    Has anyone else had any luck working out how to use SD successfully? I've watched about 6 webinars now where they give you this wonderful sales pitch about how great it is and what you can do with it (using an example system they've already pre-configured), but NOBODY EVER shows you HOW to ACTUALLY SET IT UP FROM SCRATCH!!! The help is quite useless, also.

  • Hi Craig

    If you contact me directly I may be able to help

    We have a simple solution for De-Duping that does exactly what you are asking for



  • Well everything is possible in KSD but weather it's practical is another debate.

    Now before i go on i haven't tired it recently and it may have already been improved. however the last time i tried it deduping worked rather oddly

    when deduping was enabled  it would simple wait to see if there are any multiple alarm conditions coming though before the fist ticket was created . This meant that when a server went down you wouldn't get any alarms until the dedupe time outs had been completed. This meant massive delays in ticket creation.

    In the end we created my own front end that works like a fire wall rule set and performed most of the logic outside of KSD in the form of an app i wrote to compete useful tasks like deduping and grouping.  

  • Hi Craig,

    Your condition "isduplicaterequest(false, false, true, true, false, false, true, true, 60, 'minutes', false)" says to match Subject, source type, second reference field and machine, and if the ticket is not closed, and if you find this match within 60 minutes of when the ticket was created then do what you have in the if condition.

    Example would be if a ticket was created from the alert that matched the above at 1pm, and another happened at 1:30pm, it would be caught in the duplication condition, but if another was created at 2pm, it probably would not be seen as a duplicate and another ticket would be created to repeat.  You may want to increase the time to increase your time (like 48 hours).

    If it is not working because you have duplicates that are not being handled by your condition check, please let me know and submit a ticket to allow us to look into further.  If you could provide examples of what you think is happening and what is happening, that would help.  You can also contact me by email if you like to investigate further.  



  • I would like to second this... "auto-close" I don't see any built in way search for a ticket that matches certain characteristics besides the deduplication process..  

  • Hi Ghanssen

    If you see Michael D's  and my replies earlier .. there are ways to do this.

    Please drop me a PM and I'll explain