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Ticket Request Mapping

  • Hi 

    I would just like to ask if this procedure is doable

    1. A requestor will file a change request ticket

    2. then the Unit head recieves a mail notification that there's  ticket that requires his approval

    3. the Unit will just need to reply to that email and just type "Approved" or "Denied" 

    4. Once the Unit head replied kaseya wil just find the word "Approved" to the body of the replied mail and  will change the associated ticket status to "Approved" and also the stage to " Approved".  the same this goes if he replied "denied"

    5. After which, the Service Desk administrator will recieve an email notification that this ticket is already approved by the Unit Head and the change can now be implemented. 

    If kaseya can do this, how will I configure this in the service desk? thanks

  • It is possible, I had a similar setup.

    An email would get generated and sent to the Unit Head. To make it easier I used a link button that would start a new email that prefilled the To address, Subject, and a code of ~Approved~ or ~Denied~ in the body:




    The links are this:

    Link for Approved:


     Link for Denied:



    All the Unit head needs to do is click on one of the links and send the new email. Once Kaseya reads the new incoming email it will apply it to the existing ticket and then you can use an IF statement to determine the answer.


  • How will Kaseya know what desk to alter? I mean how should I declare it?

  • Kaseya will rout to the proper desk.  In the example below:


    ISPro  is the prefix defined for the desk, 000025 IDs what ticket ticket to apply to.