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Adding users to the Pool or the assigned to section

  • Hello,

    I am trying to figure out where the Pools and the Assigned section is getting their information from. I want to add some people to the pool and I dont see where I can do that. I am sure it is somewhere in some setting section but as of yet it has alluded me.


    thanks for any information or help in advance..




  • Check out

    Service Desk -> Desk Configuration -> Desk Definition -> Access -> Pools, and

    System -> User Security -> Users

  • when I went to the pools under the service desk section I see the pools. I opened the property of that and I only see one email address avail to transfer over.

    when I opened the users section under the system section I see all of our users (more than one) there.

    would there be another place where the available users are polled for the pools to be transferred over?

    I appreciate the help


  • Ensure that your users have a scope that grants them access to the Service Desk that you are working on.  Refer to:

    System -> User Security -> Scopes -> Service Desks

    System -> User Security -> Users -> Scopes

  • All of the fields were correct it seems that is a known bug, discovered this when inputed a ticket, what had to be done was to remove the role and readd the role. and then the fields were properly being updated.

    from the ticket information I received.

    . Go to system tab > User Roles page

    2. Select the affected user role

    3. Click on the "Role Type" tab on the right hand side pane

    4. Remove the SD Technicians role type

    5. Add the SD Techicians role type again