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  • Can you check to see if the Master role has the Service Desk Administrators role type assigned to it?

  • I have Basic VSA Admin and Service Desk Administrators assigned to the Master role.

  • Bradon,

    I had the same issue with not having the import button. Turned out that Kaseya had my license set to a "Demo mode" which didn't allow me to import Desks or create/install new desks. Check your Desk count in the license manager and if you see 99 Max desks, contact your Sales Rep. They were able to correct mine quickly.

    Also make very sure if you add the Service Administrator to your Master role you don't go over your Licensed SD admin count. this will pretty much disable Kaseya for your master admins until Kaseya can get in a fix it.


  • That's exactly what's happening.  Thank you, I'll get ahold of our rep and get things squared away.

  • Ok - I've got my license sorted out. I now have:  Max Desks 3 of 5.

    I also have Service Desk Admins assigned to the Master role - I've obviously logged off and back on again etc.

    However, I still have exactly the same issue - only the "Edit" and "Set Default" buttons are available.

    I seem to be heading in the right direction, but any more ideas?

  • Has anyone had any luck testing the desks?  I haven't been able to get the graphs working and also fail to determine free space after cleanup which then fails the remediation validation.  I did tweak the cleanup script to validate cleanmgr.exe exists and copy from winsxs folder if it's not there on Win2008.

    Any thoughts on the failures I 'm seeing?



  • I'll check out the desk with you later this week, Brandon. Busy with a few other projects right now :)

  • Simon, I was having the same issue and running a re-apply schema fixed it for me.

  • Thanks Mikey - that's what we did in the end. It is all working now.

    I've imported the desks successfully, and will get to play around with it shortly.

    Has anyone here done the new Service Desk certification yet?

  • Certification ???

    Is there a new Cert specifically for SD available ?

  • getting the following when I try to use the DiagnosticDesk - Can anyone assist

    Failed to complete diagnostics within goal time.

  • Hi

    I see that you mention the Master Role - as a SaaS user we don't get a Master Role, the highest is a System Role - will this desk not work for us SaaS users?


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the desks Ben, the knowledge I have gained from them is invaluable.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to display the graph created using the DiagnosticDesk - General Diagnostic Collection - Line Graph agent procedure? I'd like to store temperature values and graph them in a custom graph to display on a report for our customers and suspect this procedure could do what i need. I have other plans for this functionality but will start with temperatures and work from there.

    If it helps we have on-premise Kaseya.  



  • Hi, firstly thanks very much for sharing this, gives us a great insight to what can be achieved with KSD. I'm new to this module and have been looking at your examples (the services desk currently) but am having trouble with getting the ticket to reopen when the alarm reoccurs, could you point me in the right direction?

    I appreciate any pointers, Andy

  • I have to comb through all of these desks and update them for compatibility with Kaseya 6.3. Once I do I'll re-post them, and also try to include any tweaks to make the current desks you have imported into 6.2 compatible with 6.3 once you finish your upgrades. Lots of work but I will be getting to it over the next few weeks.

    The procedures for making the graphs happen just use the free google charts API for feeding graph parameters and generating images. You can see how this works once you delve into the procedures.