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  • Hi folks,

    As promised during the Service Automation presentation I'm about to start, go here to download the sample Service Desks I showcased in the presentation:


    Please post your usage comments in this thread and keep any actual import issues related to the Resources post.

    Documentation is very light and it won't be perfect, but I will update the respective desks as issues are found and post the updates here. 

    I'll post more on the subject when I get back from the event. 

    Have fun :)

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  • Hi Ben, how are you?

    I wrote a poem for this

    It is a haiku

  • Images of the work flows - a high level overview and the two sample desks:





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  • Ben,

    I have started the import process and am excited to try these new desks out after hearing how we could streamline remediation even further. I got an error when trying to import the Service Desk - DiagnosticDesk.xml file:

    Service Desk was not created due to the following reason:

    Error #50000: Attempting to assign invalid role type: knm on line 58. Execution Duration: 3:57:14 PM - 3:57:14 PM SQL Command: Stored Procedure: sp_AssignRoleType @partitionID = 1 @role_ref = knm @type_ref = SB Admin @sessionAdmin = *System*

    I see KNM there; if I don't have Network Monitor installed, will this not work?


  • Edit the XML file and find the line that has KNM, 4762. Replace the 'knm' string with Master and try importing it again.

    I'm updating the original zip file as we speak. KNM was just a role I had on my server.

  • that worked like a charm; I shall proceed. thanks!

  • another one: when importing the monitor set, got this error:

    The Monitor Set was not a valid Kaseya Monitor Set xml format. Error: -1072896682

    I know it is optional but just curious anyway.

  • Try pasting in the XML instead of selecting the file. I think this is a Kaseya bug.

  • That worked. Thanks!

  • Hi Ben,

    After seeing more on this last week, I'm eager to get this all installed.

    I'm having some issues importing these Service Desks though. Agent Procedures were fine, as were the files on the server, but I cannot see an Import button on "Desk Definition" screen of Service Desk.

    I'm assuming that it would be here:

    ...but I've looked everywhere (I think) else too.

    Any ideas?


  • What role are you using, Simon? Master? You should see New/Edit/Rename/Delete/Set Default/Import/Export.

    Also be sure to grab a new download from today. There were some issues with the Diagnostic Desk export from 5/7 (some stages had both a Stage Entry and Escalation procedure set, when they should have only had Escalation and no Stage Entry).

  • Hi Ben

    Thank you for providing these examples. I am working through them but don’t understand the use of the variables e.g. In the Stage Entry procedure “Wait For File Audit Complete” where are the variables scriptstatus and diagscriptid defined and how is a value allocated to diagscriptid?



  • Lee,

    Variables are pulled from the agent's scriptlog for the respective agent with SQL queries.

    The entire diagnosticdesk works based off of specific Write Procedure Log steps. As I get time I'll write up descriptions of how to format these entries, but for now you can edit the agent procedures themselves and get an idea of how they should be written.

  • Thanks Ben

  • I'm logged in as Master/Master and actually seeing the same thing as Simon.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong yet.

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