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Service Desk for small IT staff

  • my post was wiped out what I had written so this will be shorter.

    We have a staff of 2.5 people including myself to support 150 users. The 1.5 people report to me and I report to the CFO.  We've been getting by with the users just emailing and calling us but I have loved using ManageEngine's help desk in the past.  I'd like to be able to keep better tabs on what's coming in and be able to give reports to the CFO.

    The SD training videos seem to have been made with an older version.  The manual is around 200 pages I think.  I want to get this up and running quickly but it doesn't seem very user friendly to get started.

    Are you using SD? If not what are you using?


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  • have you thought about just using the ticketing for now?  Thats all we use for 5 of us and 800 odd machines and while its starting to be challenging in terms of some functionality we'd like...it still works just fine.

  • Is there a manual or information regarding how to use ticketing? New to Kaseya and have noticed that there doesn't seem to be a lot of good documentation.


  • @phlight...like you, we are a small shop of 3 supporting 350 computers. We looked at SD but decided that we were too small to utilize most of the functions and stuck with the standard ticketing within Kaseya.

  • @phlight....one of the questions I would ask is what are you looking at to scale to both in end points and staffing.  One of the most powerful parts of service desk is automation, which while not the "easiest" to get setup, can bring significant value over time as you grow by allowing you to support more endpoints per tech and even further minimize the the manual work.  Its a bit of an upfront investment to get it going but can provide significant long term value if implemented correctly.  Just something else to think about while figuring out what to move to and why:)

  • Thank you all for the feedback.  Has anyone used the Kaseya professional services to get theirs up and running?  Any feedback on that?

  • Does ticketing and/or service desk support recuring tickets?  Right now I have a whole bunch of tasks to perform on recurring intervals that I just have stored in my Exchange calendar.  I would really like that to be ported over to either of these systems.


  • Yes, I worked with Professional Services to get our Service Desk up and running. I was impressed with the thoroughness of the pre-planning and the responsiveness during the implementation. Every time we ran into an issue during implementation and testing, I was able to reach at least one of the Professional Services people I was working with and get their input, and usually an answer, on the issue. I learned a lot from watching the process and asking questions, and once we completed our testing and had our go-live, I've been able to maintain, update, remediate, and upgrade our Service Desk on an ongoing basis.