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right-click popup menu for tickets

  • today when i began using SD, my right-click menu on the ticketing grid is only displaying View/Edit/Delete, instead of all of my normal options.  


    i understand how to customize the edit template, thanks to the sharing of other kaseya users in the community, and we have a nicely customized edit template that works beautifully for us.   




    how and where does one control what options are available during a right-click on a ticket in the grid?  


    help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  • as far as i know that part is not (yet) customizable

  • Hans den Boer

    as far as i know that part is not (yet) customizable


    ok, i'm cool with that.  there aren't really enough features applicable in the right-click menu to care. 


    but why on earth would the list all of a sudden show only view/edit/delete, instead of my normal right-click list?


    is this something that could be a result of a scope or role change?  i was making some changes recently to on-ramp a new employee.  nothing that i would've expected to manifest itself like this though....