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C# script sample for Procedures?

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I want to send a notification to another system when a servicedesk ticket has been created.

I noticed that there is an option to do this within service desk -> procedures definition -> goal

You can add a customization by adding an external script there (which is excellent since I want to execute a C# script from there)

My question is, can I find any samples on how to do this in the KB or forums? I also would like to know if there's an API to fetch standard fields of the calling object, etc.


Kind regards and many thanks,

Vincent van Ederen

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  • Vincent, I'm not sure about the C# thing, but you mentioned the API, try this link    help.kaseya.com/.../APIguide51.pdf

    it should give you pretty good start for looking at their API to custom build a script/app/etc... to act as a go between.

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