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Getting started with Service Desk

  • I'm trying to get started with Service Desk, but I'm having difficulty and hoping that someone can provide some good examples and/or point me in the right direction.

    First, I'm using the CS Automation service desk. I have an Event Log Monitor set that was set to email the notifications. This was working fine. Now I want to move from an email notification from the Event Log Monitor to a Service Desk ticket. So I changed the monitor to create a ticket instead. This is also working OK. The ticket get's created and as part of the ticket creation an email goes to the Tier1Pool.

    Now, this is where I'm having trouble. When the ticket is first created I want to figure out 1) that it came from an Event Log monitor and 2) run a procedure based on the Event ID. The documentation says that Test Value Property of the Receipt function would allow me to check the SourceType (should be Event Log, right?) and the SourceTags 1,2,3. SourceTag3 should be the EventID if the the SourceType is Event Log.  The only thing is that this function is only available during the Request Mapping section. So I have logic in my Request Mapping procedure to check the SourceType and if it's Event Log, test the SourceTag3 and run the appropriate procedure.

    The problem is that this logic isn't working. So I added the SourceType variable to the email tempate and when I get the email, the SourceType is Other, not Event Log as I expected. This explains why the logic isn't working. But why isn't it SourceType=Event Log? Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong when I create the ticket from the Event Log monitor set?

    Any help, guidance, examples, etc are greatly appreciated.


  • In case anyone is trying to use the automation in service desk, I've figured out some more of how this works. It seems that EVERY ticket that is created by the Event Log monitor has the SourceType of Other. I've started changing the other monitors to create tickets instead of emails, and so far all of them are created with SourceType other. So either I'm doing something wrong with the way I'm creating tickets or there is something wrong with Kaseya. I'm going to open a support ticket. If I get anywhere with it I'll post it here.