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Customers sending replys to closed tickets

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Some of our customers have bad habit to reply old ticket emails when submitting new problems/tickets. Then the mail goes to closed ticket and goes unnotified. Is it possible to route messages destined to closed ticket to a new ticket or reopen old ticket and notify tier1?

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  • Scot the "problem" was (when i investigated this) that once a ticket has reached a stage of the type "END" (in SD Def) you cannot go back to middle.

    that was by design, i don't think this changed with SD1.3

  • I've also done some additional testing as well and you all are right.  I apologize for the confusion.

    In response to @Hans you can select all the stages when you re-open a ticket.  You cannot change the due date or the closed date.  It does update the closed date when you close it again but that is all.  The escalation also did not work for me.  

    Since my "bad" previous suggestion is not working as expected, I would still check for the public note being added in the procedure and then send an email back to the submitter using a message template that states the ticket was previously closed and to please submit a new one.  Don't re-open the ticket.  

    There is an unorthodox way of doing it (I reached out to some of my team for ideas) but it also has challenges.  The unorthodox way is to create a "Final" stage and make that the end stage.  Your "Closed" stage becomes a middle stage and the only stage it can select is "Final" (for middle stages you have to have a stage they can go to).  When you close a ticket, status = closed and stage = closed your closed date is populated and you can send your closed notifications.  For all visual purposes it looks closed.  Then when you receive an email reply, it looks like the ticket is re-opening but really you are just moving it to another stage and your escalations all work.  Problem lies with the closed date is still there when you move to another stage (same as before) and your technicians if they click on the stage field will be able to see Final as a stage they can select.  If that field is not used and hidden then it's not a problem.  

    But my best recommendation is don't re-open ticket and the change procedure sends the submitter a note that the ticket is closed.  But I think this is a great feature request that allows a ticket to be "officially" re-opened.

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  • Is there a way to still get "Closed Date" but not to change the Stage Type to "END"?

    I really want Closed Date and I want customers to be able to send a reply.

  • Hi Fredric

    if you want the closed date you do have to use a stage with the stage type of End.  But we now have the ability to reopen a closed ticket.  In the Ticket Request Mapping procedure there is a reOpenTicket() step that will reopen a closed ticket.  One note, it clears out the Closed Date as the ticket is considered re-opened.  There could be workflow you can do to save your original closed date, when you close your ticket save the closed date to a custom field.  When you reopen the ticket you still have the last closed date/time in that field.  Make sure that you put in logic if the ticket is re-opened more than once as you will overwrite that custom field.  Hope that helps.

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