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Email ServiceDesk member when assigned a ticket to them.

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Hello, I am using K2, 6.1, ServiceDesk 1.3 and I would like to assign a ticket to a fellow service desk worker and or change the owner and I want that person who I just assigned, to get an email, that they now "own" the ticket, or they have been assigned the ticket. 


I also want to know PERSONALLY when the ticket has been updated, as I am the assigned user / owner.  I don't need to know of ALL activity, just the tickets that I "own."  So a user says "please update me on the status of this ticket" in the notes and I want to be notificied via email of this update, is that along the same type of notification as the owner of the ticket changes?


Thank you.



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  • you need to start making procedures for that under "ticket change" under "Procedure Defenitions"

    you can send message from that procedure and also test for IE: "if assignee has changed" sent email to "assignee email adress"