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Can Service Desk automatically merge duplicate alarms?

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HI All,

We are currently looking at migrating to Service Desk and our main question regarding the whole thing is how it handles duplicate alarms?

For example: If MachineA generates an alarm for low disk space at 09:00AM and we have the re-arm set to 1 day, can Service Desk be setup so that the next morning it will not create a new ticket but add the new alarm information to the existing ticket?

This will be our deciding question as we are currently looking at ConnectWise but will not be implementing this for at least 12 months and we desperately need something in the meantime that can get us through.



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  • Yes and No - It can be set to ignore duplicate tickets for x amount of time, or with x in the subject line, etc ... to get it to just add the information would take some good programming of the procedures for tickets - it's most likely possible to do it the way you are describing, but we have not tried it that way to say the truth ...