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Does Service Desk 1.3 Require Activation to Configure Incident Desk

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I am trying to Pre-configure the Incident and Knowledgebase so that I don't break my AutoTask Ticketing until I'm convinced I understand Service Desk.

Please chime in if you know this Answer

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  • You do not need to activate SD to configure desks.  It was designed this way so that you can continue to run Ticketing while you are configuring SD.  Prior to SD activation, alerts and inbound emails will generate tickets in Ticketing, not SD.  When you are ready to cut over to SD, you can activate SD, and migrate tickets from Ticketing to SD.  See online help for additional details.

  • The Basic Customer Service Desk is listed as Installed, on the Templates > Desk Templates page, but I cannot find any Option Enable or Add any of the

    other pages.  

    Incident Desk or Knowledgebase

    I have been unable to ADD the Incident Desk or Knowledgebase.

    The Education Webinars show a prior version, and the Manual implies that ther should be an Add Button, Thus my confusion.  

    Certainly good practice would require preconfiguration before disabling the working ticketing module.