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SD email reader failing without error

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Hi All,

this is probably a longshot but i am going to try anyway to see if anybody has an idea.

Since this morning our Kserver - SD Email reader is not working well.

i don't have any error messages on the email readers, there are emails in the mailbox, they are not being pulled onto the Kserver (the don't show in kaseya\maillog directory)

i can telnet <mailserver> 110 and run POP3 commands wihtout any problem from our K server to our mailserver

the mailserver is exchange 2010 (with all HF's loaded)


on the exchange server i don;t get any errors, what i do see is our Kserver opening a POP3 session at every poll attempt but it doesn't close them

pulling the email to a pop3 client (on our kserver) works fine


i am clue less, any suggestions? (yes i also opened a support ticket for this)


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  • Hi - Just some feedback - After a 14hour battle, Our email reader is up and running.

    I upgraded to SD 1.3 hoping it would solve my reader problem, it didnt. After many hours with kaseya support, Brian Erickson Fixed it for us. His findings where that , A second row in a particular Service Desk table caused the email reader to start failing, and after removing this entry, the readers worked. Perfect timing, as we open for business in 30 mins ^^,

  • Hi Hans,

    Kaseya managed to solve my issue as well. PS.....tried upgrading to SD 1.3 last night but it kept on failing on 80% runnnig the cleanupservicedesk.sql script. We rebooted, re-installed VSA etc but keeps on failing.