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Service Desk Source - Knowing who/how a ticket was generated.

  • I notice that in the default ITIL SD template there is a Source field and you can set the source to (email, call, user portal etc).

    How exactly can we get this field to populate automatcially?

    Ie when a ticket comes in via the email reader I want the source to be updated to "email", when a ticket is created via the user portal I want it to say "user portal", automatic tickets should be "monitoring" and when a ticket is created via an engineer I want it to be "call" 

    I tried modifying the incident mapping procedure but it does not allow you to apply properties to custom fields. 

    This is quite important as I want to create different rules and SLA's based on how a user logs a ticket and I plan on using this field as a check to know how the ticket was initially lodged.


  • I would also like to hear an answer to this, I have been looking at doing what Lenski has mentioned aswell.

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  • Leeroy,

    Good to hear you have an interest.

    Just to let you know I think I found an answer, this is what I am using and is working for me. There is a field called SourceType which can be used to update the custom field source.

    I created a few rules in the procedure when "incident enters identified"

    If SourceType = Email  - set custom field source to email

    If SourceType = ServiceDesk and EditingUserName = Annoymous - set custom field source to User Portal

    Else custom field source = call

    If SourceType = Other - Set custom field source to Monitoring

    Hope this helps.

  • Lenski

    Thanks for the tips, will test and let you know how it worked out