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Tickets remain locked when you cancel editing a ticket

  • ok i'll see booking notes ;)

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  • edittion
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  • My ticket got updated with the message it will be in patch 35 for R9.4, scheduled for first half of February. Let's hope it makes this patch.

  • We did our update last night to .35 and has reintroduced this issue with our SD tickets being locked. uggh not a good morning

  • Update from my side: Updated to patch 35 almost immediatley after release mid February. It removes the close windows "x" in the right top of the screen and that's it. No fix at all. Support confirmed my findings in their test environment. Which could of course be done before release. Which makes we wonder what this patch delaying  QA department does...

    As for now I've pulled strings, but only response is that it lies with engineering again. Feel completely left in the cold here, it's clear focus is on BMS and not Servicedesk.

  • I'm sure it will be fixed in the next sprint.

  • Nope, it wasn't and I got an update that it's now marked as Won't Fix.

    Crazy how these bug are being handled.

  • Have they said it will or has it already been fixed in 9.5?

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  • They say it's fixed in 9.5. But I believe that when I see it.  

  • Ditto

  • Thanks for sharing!

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