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"Urgent"--Service Desk Procedure Link Issue

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Kaseya V6.5

I have a range of Service Desk Sub Procedures that we use in our design. I have a issue at the moment that is driving me nuts.

I have one procedure that calls on the second procedure - If I select the second procedure and check the used by tab - it does not show the first procedure that is calling it. The "Used by" tab is blank. I have logged a support case to assist.

I have done the following to try and fix the issue.

1. I have recreated the 2 procedures and still "Used By" tab is empty

2. I have run a reapply schema, restarted both servers - still not fixed

Does anybody have any other options to try and resolve this issue

Thanks in advance

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  • Sounds like a bug Louis

    Have you logged a ticket with Kaseya ?

  • Yes 13 days ago