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"createTicket" Procedure

  • hello

    Could you help me guys pass the SubmitterEmailAddress to the newly created ticket.

    I tried to store the SubmitterEmailAddress into a custom field and used executeSqlNonQuery command to update the SubmitterEmailAddress of the newly created ticket, but what seems to happen is that the procedure runs first and the ticket form saves the content of the forms, so even if i got to successfully update the submitterEmailAddr with the custom field since the form "txtSubmitterEmail" is empty the column submitterEmailAddr becomes empty again.

    tnx in advance.

  • Somebody has a clue?

  • This SQLNonQuery makes the changes to the Submitter fields:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


       <queryDef label="Fill Submitter with Contact" sql="UPDATE ksubscribers.kasadmin.vSDTicket SET SubmitterName=ContactName, SubmitterEmail=ContactEmail WHERE TicketNumber='[$TicketId$]'" />


    But it's overwritten after saving the ticket.

    If the ticket grid can be refreshed with the information from the database, the Submitter fields will be changed. But how?