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Kaseya Help Desk iOS app, Authentication failed but credentials are correct

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First off, sorry if this is in the wrong forum section. Since the iPhone app is means to access the Service Desk tickets, I assumed it would fall under the Service Desk forum.

I used to have an older version of the app and was able to connect to the server and access my tickets without any issues. Since updating the app to version, I have been unable to get the app to connect to the server. However, some of my coworkers can connect to it without any issues.

When I attempt to connect to the server, I receive an error message that reads "Authentication failed. Test failed. Please check all connection details." This leads me to believe that my credentials are incorrect. However, I am able to login to the Kaseya server normally without issues while on a computer.

As I said, some of my coworkers can use the app without issue. The only difference I have noticed is that they are non-domain users, but my username is tied to a domain. I have tried numerous combinations of my username/domain/netbios settings, but still cannot get it to connect. Another thing to note is that the previous versions of the app did not require a netbios entry.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Or, does anyone have some advice for me to try? My coworkers that can make use of the app normally work at one location and none of them really even use it. I, however, travel between 17 locations and used the app to open/close/notate/edit tickets daily. I would love to be able to use it again.


-Dan Clark

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  • Does anyone have any information on this?

    I am almost certain the issue is that I am a Domain user and my coworkers, who the app works for, are not.

    As if there is some incorrect setting within our Kaseya server that is contradicting and not letting me log on.

    Please help!

    -Dan Clark