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Migration of Tickets from Ticketing Module to Service Desk

  • My team is currently exploring how to use Ticketing Module and Service Desk.

    We are guessing that Ticketing Module has simple ticketing functions which alerts designated users. But there is no Escalation procedure involved in this Module.

    The Escalation process is better managed through Service Desk.

    So we want to use Service Desk for ALL Ticketing eliminating the use of Ticketing Module.

    Can I configure the system so that all tickets that are created, manual and auto, happen directly in Service Desk?

    If so how?

    Other suggestions and advice are welcome.

  • Once you turn on Service Desk the system uses that over the basic ticketing system. Also make sure to Disable the email reader in the Ticketing system to avoid any conflicts.

  • wow.. thanks Shawn. Going to try this out immediately :)

  • How did you migrate previous tickets from Ticketing to Service Desk?

  • you have to go to ticketing-manage tickets- migrate tickets and choose the ones you want to migrate and click migrate.

    If you have custom fields you should first configure them in the service desk.