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Add note from email reply.

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I am working on configuring our service desk email reader. How can i make an email reply  to a ticket notification into a new note in the ticket. Or is this done by the email reader, mapping procedure or dedup?

I do not have the email reader settings working yet, FYI, so i don't know if this functionality already belongs to the email reader.



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  • Yeah the email reader is pretty good in this regard. Short of some wierd email formatting, if people reply to emails from the ticketing system, their reply will be added as a note to the ticket. When I say qierd formatting, on very rare occasions their entire email will be added as a note rather than just the latest info.

    Is there a problem you're having with the email reader or have you just not got that done yet?

  • I have this working on 2 different desks, an HD desk & a Pro desk. As long as we have the correct subject in the email it will add the email as a new note.

    Formatting is very specific and can be the only text in the subject line.~ticid='Full_ticket_number'

    Example for our HD desk


    Example for our Pro desk


  • I just haven't got that part of the service desk setup. Was curious what to expect, because our former helpdesk software had this functionality.

    -So when SD sends out the email notifying of a new note, it should only have the .~ticid='Full_ticket_number' in the subject line, is it possible to add something like new note behind it and it still work.

  • No. Sorry, let me clarify. Use  ~ticid='Full_ticket_number'  for adding a note to a ticket. If you send an email to your Kaseya address with that format in the subject it will add the mail as a note to the ticket.

    If you want Kaseya to send out the last note as an email put this in the body of the email


    It gives a summary of changes including the last added note but only those that were made as public notes.

  • I tried to setup the email reader and got the following error

    Rebex.Net.ImapException: Invalid IMAP response. at ServiceDesk.ProcessEmail.HandleEmlReader.HandleIMAP(Boolean IsEmailLogging, String LogFileName) in C:\dev\serviceDesk\branches\serviceDesk-v1.4.0.0\source\ServiceDesk.ProcessEmail\HandleEmlReader.cs:line 541

  • I had issues setting up my reader initially too. I opened up a ticket with Kaseya’s support and these are some of the items they had me check.

    First do you have the latest Hotfixes?

    Second check you incoming email settings:

    Port Number?

    Do you use SSL?

  • does this only applies in Ticketing? how to configure email reader in Service Desk? Thank You.

  • I got this error, when configuring the email Reader

    "4/17/2013 2:26:32 PM : Failed to connect to host mail.nmnetworkmanager.com, error 'Invalid POP3 response.', retrying"

    What seems to be the problem? Thanks!

  • I am not sure if it makes any difference but I disabled the email reader in standard ticketing:


    Here are the settings I have used in Service Desk (Note: we are using an Exchange server)