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Escalation procedures not running

  • I have an odd issue, where NONE of my escalation procedures are running at the appointed times. This is causing havoc to my day and it seems to be since Kaseya installed some service desk hotfixes.

    I have raised a ticket with support, however because of the usual length of time it takes to get a resolution, I thought I would post on here as well. 

    Firstly has anyone else got this issue since yesterdays hotfixes?

    Or has anyone had this issue in the past, and knows how to get them running again?

    Thanks for the help!

  • This morning I have a number of automated procedures that failed. I can tell you right now is that you're not alone and it doesn't seem to be limited to escalation procedures. My change procedures and stage entry procedures are reporting errors. There may be other procedures that are failing without reported errors. I don't know right now.

  • Yes we have been having issues all morning. This is the error I have been getting:

    Error processing sbo_treePresNoteProcedures_List procedure Incident is Changed

    Method not found: 'System.Object Kaseya.Scripting.Context.GetInstanceValue(System.String)'.

    I have opened up a ticket with Kaseya.

  • Kaseya has released hotfix CS127301 to fix this. Basic testing seems to confirm this on our server.

  • hmm unfortunately ours are still failing...

  • Do you see the error that Shawn described in relation to those procedures? Maybe there are multiple issues.

  • Kaseya Support “this is a known issue with Service Desk and there has been a release to correct

    this issue, can I ask you to go to System-> Configure and Check For Hot-fixes.”

    When I checked my Hotfix History it showed both as installed

    6.2.0 Hotfix CS127301 - 2658

    6.2.0 Hotfix CS127301 - 2657

    However when I looked at Pending Hotfixes they were there as well. I reapplied the hotfixes followed by the schema and so far all seems to be working. It has been over an hour with no errors.

  • it's still not working i've logged a call and Kaseya and they have recreated the problem and are preparing another fix

  • The development team are aware of the issue and are currently working on a fix. All support tickets related to this will be updated when the fix is available.

  • this has been resolved for me now

    thanks kaseya