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Kaseya Slam !!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello All.... Especially any Kaseyan's viewing:

    I'd like to take this time to both praise and also to express my frustration with Kaseya.


    1st the praise, You guys have a wonderful product that makes what we do capable with a very small amount of people and service a large amount of nodes. The toolset is indispensable for our business and would be a disaster to have to do without.


    now the anger:

    Everytime you guys add/remove/process anything with my Licenses keys, I loose functions and licenses. I lost all my SD licenses and when you fixed that I lost my Desktop Policy and migration, when you fixed that I lost my service desk again..... :(   This is why we used the core of kaseya only for so long. I have tickets in to fix, so we'll see how long this takes. The service tech's that usually get my tickets seem to only respond on our off hours (must be their time zone).  We're paying for Licenses that we simply can't use right now. I'm not asking for a discount or refund, but simply what we're paying for. PLEASE restore the License you're charging me for! this is the 3rd time my keys have gone haywire and always around SD.

  • YEAH!!!! THEY Fixed it.

    More Praise for Kaseya!