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Kaseya error when receiving email for service desk

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I am getting the following error in the email settings screen when an email arrives to my service desk:


Error processing email for host 'myemailserver.local', email sender address 'jtarquino@mycompany.com'


Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this error?

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  • hi

    dont see your error, did you upload a screenshot? If so, please re upload

  • Thank you, I fixed the post. Somehow it disappeared when I did my original post.

  • on your k server in the kaseya install directory you can find the "Maillog" directory. If that does not contain a directory "incoming" you can create it manually. Then find the email message that failed cut/paste it to the incoming directory and it will be reprocessed. Sometimes this helps.

    when the email reader fails its often due to bad HTML code in the email. can you send a "text" formatted email from the sender address and see if it works then?

    if not, open a support ticket and attach the email.msg from the maillog directory.

    hope this helps !

  • Nope, that did not help. Is there a log where I can see the exact details of the error that is occurring?

  • yes and no

    k support can increase the debugging level and then find it out for your

    open a ticket and attach the email.msg is the best advice i can give you