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How to get Kaseya service desk to send jobs automatically to engineers with particular skillsets

  •  Hi there, I would like to be able pipe particular jobs created in Service Desk to particular engineers that have those skills. Say a BES question automatically gets assigned to an Engineer who has high skills in Blackberry. Is this possible in Service desk?

    Could you somehow embed a skills matrix in service desk?

    Also is there CRM coming in Kaseya at all?

    Thanks in advance, Shaun

  • We do this by doing nested if-then-else if's thru the entire skill tree and setting the assignee to the appropriate person and the very last else needs to be the anything else gets assigned to default person ... I'm sure there is other ways to do this as well, but the above works very well for us ... Thinking about it I'm positive you do not need to nest the IF's either if you use a default assignee in the incident identified stage, and then in the enter support stage you can do some un-nested IFs to see what the category is and then assign the right person to it ... you could also do it as a subroutine and call the sub-routine from any change incident as well, so if the ticket is set to the wrong category it will auto assign to the right person when the category is changed to the correct one as well ....

  • This is how we do it as well.

  • Shaun,


    1) Create a category "BB" and do if checks in Stage Entry procedure (Identified) > if category contains "BB" set assignee to BB Engineer.

    2) Create a pool for BB engineers (if you have more than 1 engineer) and do if checks on category > If category contains BB set assignee to BB pool.

    3) Make Category a required field on your ticket form.

    This is just a suggestion and you can be more creative based on use case.


    Sajjad Zaidi

    Kaseya Support