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Auto Populate Staff Information

  • Good day all,


    I am currently building a service desk for my company, and one thing that I have ran into that I absolutely do not like, is the fact that I can't populate the staff information with in the ticket.  I have imported all of the staff record into Kaseya, but the thing that is frustrating for myself and my team, is that we can not auto populate that information within the ticket.  I have gone through everywhere within the server to see if maybe there is a place for me to just add a tag to where the "Staff" field can be populated based on a variable that I have created.  I know that I am not the only one looking for this type of automation, I was wondering if any of you out there have some resolution to this?

    ps : Thank Michele Eagle for being so helpful and responsive to all of my emails.



  • I remember when I entered this as a feature request long back.  Looks like they have this in place as of now if you're up to date on your hotfixes.  The system automatically picks a staff member based on email address.

    If you don't have this feature because you're not up to date, and are not having issues with the email reader with emails sent from Outlook 2010, then I recommend you hold off a few more days first until that's worked out and then go ahead and apply them once all is good.

  • Email reader fixed today so if you haven't gotten the new updates for the staff automation hotfix, it should be okay, but still recommended to apply to your test environment first.


  • have you tried SD1.3 ?