The information in this Article applies to:
Microsoft Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000)
Kaseya Server (All versions)

Below are the steps to apply MS SQL SP4:

1. Download Service Pack 4 for MSDE 2000 from Microsoft at the following URL:

2. Run Sql2kdesksp4.exe and expand the installer into the folder of your choice.
NOTE: This does not install the patch. In only unpacks the install files into a sub directory named MSDE.

3. From a command line prompt, enter the following whereINSTANCENAME is your SQL instance name (use KVSAMSDE):

C:sql2KSP4MSDE>setup /upgradesp sqlrun INSTANCENAME=KVSAMSDE /L*v c:msdelog.log

4. WARNING: MSDE SP4 installation takes several minutes. Do NOT believe the "time remaining" values presented by the installer. Be patient and wait for the install to complete. DO NOT CANCEL this install once you have started.

5. Reboot your server after the install completes.

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