The information in this Article applies to:
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (All versions)
Microsoft SQL Server 7 (All versions)
Kaseya Server (All versions)
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server (All versions)
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server (All versions)


After installing a SQL service pack for the SQL 2000 server or SQL 7 server, logon to the Kaseya VSA web site fails and the Kaseya server service has stopped. The SQL service pack may have reset the authentication method on the SQL server to Windows authentication only. When applying the SQL service pack, the installation wizard may prompt for the SQL authentication mode. By default, the service pack installation wizard selects the Windows authentication method.


The Kaseya VSA web pages and the Kaseya server require that authentication to the SQL server be allowed by the use of an SQL login ID and password.

To change the authentication method used by your SQL server after applying an SQL service pack:

  1. From your
  2. Start menu, select Programs -> MicrosoftSQLServer -> EnterpriseManager.

  3. Expand the list of Microsoft SQL Servers by clicking on
  4. Console Root folder, clicking the plus sign next to Microsoft SQL Server, and clicking the plus sign next to SQL Server Group.

  5. Right mouse click your server machine's name and select the
  6. Properties menu item.

  7. Select the
  8. Security tab.

  9. Click the
  10. SQL Server and Windows Authentication selection in the Security section.

  11. Click OK to close the
  12. Properties dialog box.

  13. Stop and restart the SQL server.

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