The information in this Article applies to:
Microsoft Desktop Engine (Version 8)
Kaseya Server (All versions)


After release of the "SQL Slammer" worm in January 2003, Microsoft release Service Pack 3 for MSDE. MSDE Service Pack 3 installation is not a straight forward installation as other Microsoft service packs are. As of the date of this article, SP3 installation instructions are not readily found on Microsoft's support site.


Follow the instructions below to apply MSDE Service Pack 3.

Note: These instruction apply ONLY to MSDE v8. Any MS-SQL database already exists on your machine prior to installation of the Virtual System Administrator, the installer uses the pre-existing database. In this case, MSDE v8 will not be installed.

  1. Download Service Pack 3 for MSDE v8 from Microsoft at the following URL:

  3. Run SQL2KDeskSP3.exe and expand the installer into the folder of your choice .
    NOTE: This does not install the patch. In only unpacks the install files into a sub directory named MSDE.

  4. From a command line prompt, enter the following where is your SQL instance name (use KVSAMSDE for Kaseya v3.x.x.x or MSSQLSERVER for Kaseya v2.x.x.x):


  5. WARNING: MSDE SP3 installation takes several minutes. Do NOT believe the "time remaining" values presented by the installer. Be patient and wait for the install to complete. DO NOT CANCEL this install once you have started.

  6. At the end of the installation you may receive a dialog stating "Unable to execute scripts". Click OK. For extra security, running scripts against the database has been disabled. This is a good thing!

  7. Reboot your server after the install completes.

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