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Splitting the Kaseya Application and Database to 2 different servers

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I'm about to split our current single server set up into 2 servers, the application and the database. I have the walk through from the Kaseya Manual, but does anyone have any best practices or experience doing this in the past?

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  • I'm very interested to see how this goes for you and what you have to do. I have not been successful in moving my database from SQLExpress to a full licensed version of SQL 2008 on another server. Don't worry, I didn't break anything, it's just that nothing ever happens despite following all the guidance from Kaseya.

  • It's been a *very* long time since I did this, but I've done it successfully with no issue. I don't remember it being that big of a deal.  Backed up the database on the KServer, restored to the SQL instance on the new server, and "repointed" the instance.  

    The one problem I remember having later, is that there is some portion of Kaseya that specifically *requires* that the instance be listening on the default SQL port, and that caused me some issues initially because I was using a named instance that was running on a non-standard port.

  • Jonathan is correct. The part of Kaseya that requires the default port is the network monitor module. We are currently in the process of setting up a dedicated SQL server just for this module - We have other software that also, requires the default port.

  • We used to do that here (many moons ago) and it worked just fine.  The only thing was if the DB server rebooted or went away, the Kaseya service wouldn't pick up the pieces cleanly and needed a service restart or application server reboot to recover.