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Problem: Message Queue - Private Queues - kserver - Journal Messages

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We are having a problem where the number of messages in the above mentioned queue continues to increase. Periodically I go in and manually purge this queue so that my server does not halt.

i have a ticket opened on this and was told that the messages in the Journal Queue are not critical.  We have received no indication of a way to resolve the issue.

Has anyone seen this before?  If so, how did you resolve the issue?

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  • Jason, hopefully you have this issue fixed by now.  But, if not, then one thing I've discovered that works well is to restart the Message Queuing service. This will not disrupt your techs working, won't cause offlines and generally seems to get messages flowing through the queues again.  Best of luck!

  • ^ yes and no... Usually if queues go above a couple thousand in numbers the first thing I would check first is the Kaseya Plugin Host Service.

    Could be in a stuck state and would recommend restarting this service first.

    Restarting Message Queue/Purging private queues could cause data issues w. current running tasks.

    Best way is to try to get the messages to start processing again, unless the count is in the 50,000+ then a purge would probably be suggested.