My company is presently in the process of doing some migration work, integrating Connectwise into Kaseya.

At present, we're using Ticketing, on Kaseya 6.2.  We're not sure if we should be going to Service Desk then upgrade to Kaseya 6.3, to Kaseya 6.3 and then implement Service Desk, or possibly forgo service desk entirely (sticking with Ticketing, using 2-way ticket sync with Connectwise).

I've seen some earlier forum entries about Connectwise integration to Kaseya and the upgrade to 6.3 causing problems, I've heard discussions in the past that other companies were doing fine with 2-way sync / problems with 2-way sync, wanted to get any information possible about potential issues we might encounter or watch out for.

At absolute worst, this becomes a thread which might help others on the same migration path.