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New Patch Engine and Patch Approval Screen

  • Ok this is the first time in 3 years using this product, that I have to say this new patch engine and patch approval screen sucks so badly its not even funny

    First of with 3000 clients broken up between 18 machine collections, I now seem to have to double my efforts just to get a patch from pending to approved or denied,

    All these different lanuges that i can seem how to filter out, addon updates like Windows media player 11 and DRM stuff

    What the heck was wrong with the old kaseya.. I want my old screens back , I don't have it in me to re-teach myslef this new layout.. why guys why???

    The only way out I see is now to just have a couple of collections to ease my pain
    one for cleints, one for my workstation and one for my servers..

    Can I roll back and block hotfixes.. please

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  • I hope they will adjust it soon. The new interface is underwhelming, maybe there is alot going on behind the scenes, but so far this is just a disruption to our operations rather than a big value added. Maybe they can add some filtering to the patch management interface, that would be of great help.

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  • That’s all I think that we need is filtering alot of filtering

    If I approve a patch im approving it for all OS's, i don’t want to have to select each damn os individually.., Im sure some do, but give me the ability to select for all OS’s in one click not 4[/b]

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  • Not only is the interface a bit different (which personally, I don't really mind and actually think it is better to have more granularity), but it is just plain broken.

    See my post under the "Patch Management" section on the forum that I just posted today (Tuesday morning the 30th).

    Maybe this is just a Halloween costume for Kaseya and they'll go back to normal on Thursday? (grin)

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  • Here is the link to the other more detailed discussion.


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  • Hi

    What is the new version number? Mine is showing 4.8.1,


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  • I agree, the new interface is more work and harder to administer...... I think office patches should be seperate from os patches like in the previous version of patch management. The new setup makes it hard to deny office patches which are not required, as it requires alot more searching to find the patches rather than the patches being seperated by category.

    Please do something about this, as it is lowering our level of service, as with the new interface patching is simply too complex..

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  • I must be in the minority: I actually love the new patch management interface. Could it use some adjustment? Sure. Is it anywhere near as annoying as the old interface? Hell no. Could the old interface have borne the brunt of adding gazillions of new patches? Not a chance.

    If I just want to approve/deny a particular Update, I can do that. If I want to blanket-approve the rest of the stuff I haven't specifically denied, I can click the column header link for Pending Approval and grab 'em that way. Sure, I have to do this for each of the Machine Collections but... that hasn't changed, really, now has it?

    Before, everything was in one giant scroll list unless you specifically selected the only three filters available (Pending, Approved, Denied), and when you switched from Collection to Collection the filtered view wouldn't necessarily refresh properly. This resulted in some misplaced Approvals until I figured out the (needlessly laborious) sequence of menu selections and link clicking to get it right each time. I spend a lot less time waiting for the giant scroll list to load, now, as well.

    Call me crazy, I guess.

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