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SSL Certificate causes high cpu utilization

  • Hi all.
    After installation of a registered SSL certificate through thawte, I have experienced problems with kaseya. I basically can no longer log in to the portal after installing the cert. Watching the CPU utilization, it basically goes to 30-40% constantly (almost all sql related) after the IIS server is restarted and enabling SSL. Once I disable SSL the server's CPU drops and I can login again. I used to have a self-signed cert installed and did not experience these kinds of problems. I did wait over the weekend to see if the database needed time to update with the new cert, but it never fixed. I still could not login to the portal. I have been working with Jeff on this issue too, but we have not come up with a solution. I was thinking of reinstalling, but would rather not.

    The specs on the machine are as follows:
    3.0GHz Xeon processor
    2GB RAM
    Windows 2003 Server
    SQL Server 2005

    So, I've had to disable SSL all together until I can resolve this.
    Please help me resolve this issue.


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  • Hi

    I dont have an answer for your specific problem, but I dont think that 2 GB of memory is enough, My server, same config as yours, for 250 seats, is using 2.2GB of memory.


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  • I think I remember our server doing the high utilization when we applied the SSL. If I remember correctly, it's due to the server recognizing the cert and running a batch proccess to switch everything (Kaseya side). I would let the high CPU util be for several hours and it should subside.

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  • We seem to have resolved most of the issues from the SSL cert. First off I did upgrade RAM to 4GB so this should help. This is what we had to do.

    After backing up all necessary data, and moving IIS default web directory:

    1. Completely removed IIS
    2. Completely removed SMTP and ASP.NET stuff
    3. Rebooted
    4. Reinstalled IIS
    5. Downloaded latest ASP.NET stuff
    5. Reinstalled SMTP and latest ASP.NET
    6. Moved back to kaseyaweb default web directory in IIS
    7. Tested

    Things for the most part appear to be working now. I am experiencing the following when logging into the server with SSL *every time*.
    "Port has changed, please wait while database is updated".

    This is still a problem. Any clues on what is happening? I did run "reapply schema" but this didn't fix it.

    Thanks for the help.

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